3:09 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Arrogance and Control Freaks
    Lisa Lisa
    At my work place we not only do not have Telework, we have a half-reared AWS. The agency "phased out" AWS for new hires about 10 yrs ago. We are currently fighting that through our Union (got a union a few years ago). However, our agency has agree to study the possibility for everyone now only because we are not receing bonuses or pay raises. Yes you heard me correctly. Apparently we are being gifted this POSSIBLE opportunity of AWS only because we aren't receiving pay raises and bonus. ARROGANCE-------- No telework for us, not a memo or the utterence of tele-anything from the floors above us that have a window. I am not sure if OPM required EVERY federal entity to have a policy or not, but apparently, and I am just assuming here..that our agency is like special..we dont have to follow all rules laid out for feds. Plus they want us here no matter what, no matter if I get constantly interrupted by colleagues and loud colleagues 3 cubes over..CONTROL FREAKS!
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  • Dog and Pony Show!
    All these reports are is filtered-by-management of agencies to make them look good! Until, or unless you create a way to have the workers and employees input... it will be BALONEY! Hey! what a concept! If employee could actually do their own Personnel reporting. Compare it to management reportts.. HA! something is amiss? You betcha! THEN the leaders in charge (you reading this Obama?) may finally say.. geez, maybe our problems are with the govt management, not the workers!
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  • Automated Telework Reports Government wide and Agency by Agency Already Exist
    Automated collection of telework data has been available for decades! OPM's failure to know this says much about OPM's lack of HR expertise, continuing under performance and waste at the expense of both taxpayer and agencies. Comprehensive telework reports government wide and by agency can readily be produced by several private sector vendors in final format within 5 to 7 workdays! The government wide and agency by agency metrics and analytics produced by existing proprietary programs also reverse and replace historical "bottom up" anecdotal reporting by agencies with a "top down" empirical scorecard for assessing and assisting agencies in administering their telework programs. Written proposals of this capability which would also relieve agencies of this reporting burden were sent to the OPM, GAO and MSPB several years ago. We have yet to hear back from either of these agencies. We also attempted to meet with OPM System Managers who were too busy - probably attempting to fix other self-induced problems. Understandably, OPM would rather take credit for this basic initiative in light of their other in-house failed initiatives i.e. upgrading USAJobs, etc. But then again, why waste more time and money when the solution is already available? In addition, the number of HR incumbents at the OPM have been downsized to only seven percent of OPM's growing workforce which is being increasingly being staffed with more FTEs to support its new and emerging healthcare responsibilities. The other missed opportunity here is why OMB, the so-called performance management leaders in federal government fail to take OPM to task for not outsourcing this government wide reporting need. Available records fail to show OPM issued a "Sources Sought/Presolicitation" Notice so that vendors with these existing program capabilities could bid and save the government and taxpayers a lot of time and money? Performance managers need to vigilant especially during these lean financial times which together with OPM's past in-house failed initiatives should have prompted OMB to exercise some initiative over OPM to at the very least consider outsourcing this program to capable private businesses.
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