11:54 pm, May 23, 2015

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  • Telework
    Mary S.
    As a Federal Employee I wonder why OPM even bothers to report on management’s negative attitude towards telework. It is as though OPM naively hopes to change management’s attitude by reporting it rather than requiring it. The employee is constantly reminded telework is at the manager’s discretion but that also means the employee is at his mercy. If management allows the bare minimum of one day a pay period, the manger can accurately report he is in compliance. However, this does not even begin to show the telework negativity behind the scenes such as any additional hours being disparaged, mocked and/or continually denied. The questions on the OPM survey are asked in such a manner that the employee cannot convey how poorly telework is managed. My agency advertises up to 4 telework days a week. It took almost a year and a half on-board to establish one regularly scheduled telework day a pay period. When Ad Hoc telework is requested my supervisor asks what I will do at home that cannot be done in the office. My colleagues say the aggravation of requesting/working telework is not worth the hassle to them. Most would rather work in the office than have to deal with the retribution that occurs for requesting and working telework. My reason for writing: OPM needs to adequately ask questions that get to the heart of why employees are choosing not to telework. Is it really because they do not want to or is it because their manager makes their life miserable inside the office? If so, OPM could then better address the issue regarding telework for the employee.
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  • In addition
    Although I agree with your statements, here in DoD and especially outside the beltway the Management and HR work together to simply find ad-hoc reasons that all admin employees do not qualify. In fact, they classify my position, as an accountant, not qualified, but give absolutely no reason. And no one is looking into that abuse! It is easy for them to simply say, not qualified without reason.
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