10:18 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Get 'em on board
    Get them on the plan. Overall they're probably a much lower risk than the overweight feds I'm constantly getting on the elevator with (myself included).
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  • Perks
    deployed decoy
    The Storm King (South Canyon), CO., Fire in 1994 that killed 14 federal seasonal fire fighters resulted in these people able to purchase federal life insurance. Of Course this was after all 14 died without a penny in life insurance. As this story talks about, many of these seasonal fire fighters earn more than a full year GS12 due to overtime and hazard pay, while working 16 hour days on the line. Although many can work as long as 25 pay periods a year, even those lucky ones get Christmas LWOP. I remember that 1994 summer very well. I worked for NIFC as a fire weather (full time) employee, responsible for 14 states. I also lived in the Idaho urban interface (called the Red Zone in Time Magazine this week). I had to take annual leave to respond to a wildfire on Idaho SR21 because I was on the volunteer fire department for our urban interface VFD. Under the agreement with the state and feds, our VFD responded to these incidents for the first 24 hours of FREE, after 24 hours we made all sorts of money for the VFD on the engines and crews from federal funds. By the time I got there, the engines had rolled. So I went to the fire station. That night I watched Ponderosa Pine trees exploding like flash bulbs, threatening dozens of homes from across the canyon. These reason these trees and before it was over 250,000 acres burned, was because of the on the scene commander from our VFD made a decision to use all the water saving one trophy home while a 50 foot wide flame length jumped the road in that same homes tall weeds (as in the owner had failed to take preventive action) resulting in, at the time turned out, to become Idahos largest fire ever. So I say this. Give these people health and life insurance and retrain them to protect the nations resources and NOT trophy homes. Oh and to date this fire season has cost (just in federal labor an equipment, about $450,000,000. Health insurance is not even a rounding error.
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  • Temp seasonal firefighters to get health benefits
    The problem here is that this opens the door for every other temporary seasonal employee to demand similar coverage. The President's decision was obviously motivated primarily by a desire to enhance his re-election bid, but ignored the wider, significant cost implications for the government this represents. The law is clear on this point, i.e., the exclusion of temps from health benefits coverage, but the President has shiown a penchant of late for ignoring the law and invoking executive authority to override legal mandates (witness his recent decsion to end deportation proceedings against illegal immigrants who were brought to the USA by their parents). This is, of course, is the sort of blatant behavior we've come to expect from the pols, but it helps explain why we're in the ever-deepening fiscal hole in which we find ourselves due to out-of-control Federal spending. The President will win kudos from the "usual suspects" in his claque of supporters, but it is not a victory for good government.
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