12:10 am, May 26, 2015

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    Not to rain on anyone's parade but the characterization of Ms. Pointer's efforts of the OTS integration into OCC is a bit of a stretch. Saying that "as a result of her effort, no employee was displaced or adversely impacted" requires a narrow definition of displaced or adversely impacted. Some former OTS employees were in fact forced out, given a choice between a forced transfer or shown the door. Others were demoted, sometimes placed in grades two levels below their previous levels (a big deal at an agency with a 9-grade scale). Their salaries were protected (for a couple of years, anyway)as required by Dodd-Frank,but not violating the law should not be the basis for an award. I don't doubt the integration was a difficult assignment and maybe Ms. Pointer made efforts for the transition to go as smoothly as she could, but to portray it as a rip-roaring success with no collateral damage just is not accurate.
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