9:16 am, May 22, 2015

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  • It was a vision quest
    deployed decoy
    Nostradamus, my questions are, when can we expect a surplus of wine to go with all that rotting cheese (NUF), and did you melt the bottom out of that potty bottle yesterday. I guess another question is just who approved the working Visas for those Canadian union busters that short changed the California works console and electrician union employees (in-sourcing) that would have fixed DC air conditioning for a whole lot more of my tax dollars. The nations capitol was not really knocked out, say the way a 300 foot tsunami, 15Kt nuke or wild fire in the red zone would take it out. For the most part the nation ran just fine without traffic lights or human generated hot air in DC. For that matter not a single Memo issued that would have made a pint of tequila difference for the global schema. A true visionary would not have asked what could possibly go wrong. The correct question would be, when will anything go right (er, correct, not to be confused with a right winger) and when will DC disperse to safe underground bunkers in ND and private beaches in Bermuda to keep these type of bogus shutdowns from happening every time it rains, snows, sunshines, is party cloudy or leaves fall off the tress in the fall.
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  • Welcome Back Mike!
    Sorry to hear about the robbery! But got to admit, laughed quite a bit. Your humor is still intact Thank God! Your meny fans are glad to have you back in D.C.
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  • Glad you had a good vacation
    Now you will have to start jogging or walking and other exercises to fit back into your clothes.
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  • Welcome Back Nostradamus!
    G Street
    I missed all the excitement (?) here last week, also - and my pants for some reason didn't fit either!
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  • D. C. isn't the only place in distress!!
    Taxpayer Too
    Why is it that only D. C. is mentioned when it comes to natural disasters? There are fires happening in MT, WY, CO, and NM that have displaced quite a few people as well as exhausting many many firefighters and nothing is mentioned about this. I'd trade a power outage for a forest fire any day!
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  • one reason
    deployed decoy
    One reason the other fires are not making news is that million dollar trophy homes are not going up in smoke. Many of the big fires in the west are burning (or have been contained) normal peoples homes on tribal land. Need I say more. Google NIFC and read the SIT (pdf) Report. That only tracks active fires under supression and as fires are 100% contained they drop off the report. One interesting tid bit. Fire fighters receive a 25% hazard pay for any fire not 100% contained. Now fires do lay down after sunset when the winds die down. Thus many are fully contained after dark. But one dirty truth is most are not reported 100% contained until after midnight. That way everyone gets 16 more hours paid at an additional 25% the next day. Well that is everyone not military or minimum security work (fire) release.
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  • It's not *news* unless it happens in DC
    G Street
    My God - people were slightly inconvenienced for ... hours.
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  • Hours?
    Try days - the hottest days of the year, so far. Inconvenienced? Hours would have been an inconvenience. Days without power are nightmares while awake. Millions of people across at least nine states were without power for days during the heat wave - people died. So much for compassion for your fellow man.
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  • Fires
    I would just as well not have the fires on the news. Generally they are only on the news when homes or buildings are lost, or lives are lost. Colorado Springs, CO made the National News, Helena, MT made the National News as did the one in South Dakota where the airplane went down. Even though one in Montana is over 250,000 acres, I am not aware of any structurs being burned. Another place to check the fires is www.inciweb.org - shows all the active fires and their status.
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