12:39 am, May 28, 2015

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  • I'm sure
    we can rely on the military industrial complex to give an absolutely reliable, unbiased and impartial evaluation of the situation.
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  • Indeed.
    I can sign on with this request if the Republicans agree to entertain data from independent and academic studies as well. I suggest that we pose the same question about the effects on individual human beings, educators, health providers, and the many Americans who work for salary, not for profit. Defense contractors are not the only, nor the most important, stakeholders in government support. Sequestration will be devastating to human services upon which many depend for sustenance and health. Let's ask them too.
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  • Lovefest
    This is just a public lovefest as the GOP invite their corporate masters to share their pain of how they'll suffer under sequestration.
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  • Sequestration finally going to force some cost reviews?
    Honest Broker
    Sequestration may be a good opportunity to correct out of control expenses. My office did a study on the price delta between creating communications system based on COTS OEM components and engineering labor costs of $104/hr versus systems generated by our primes. The best priced item had a profit multiplier of 5x while one popular company achieved a 10x profit markup. Our primes run on a cost plus fixed fee or in another words a labor based profit system. They basically make their money from figuring out how to keep adding personnel to a job and then drag it out as long as the funding holds out, and then go pump the politicians for more. In defense of our primes, they have a lot of bills to pay from lobbying our political leaders to offering nice retirement jobs to influential Government employees that can make ear-marked funds get to the "right" company. Now with the Super PACs, that IOU cost escalates that profit margin into some scary numbers. Senator McCain has pointed this bribery trail has sent costs spiraling out of control. Maybe this sequestration will force a hard look at taking out the legal bribes in the whole system and it will help both parties; companies get back to building things based on specs and Govt can keep the costs in check by knowing the real cost. Its probably not going to happen, but I would like to see the taxpayer get the best bang for the buck.
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