12:12 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Schooling the Troops on Do's and Dont's Doesnt Change a Thing
    Lisa Lisa
    I was in the AF for 10 years. I recall at Commander's Call ( I think was monthly), we dreaded the constant drilling in our heads of DONT DRINK AND DRIVE-ZERO TOLERENCE. NO DRUGS-ZERO TOLERENCE. NO DISCRIMINATION-ZERO TOLERENCE. I can also recall SENSATIVITY traning too. These areas as well as a gammot of others were seared in to our brains. We had it so much that we just didnt see or hear it anymore. The fact is, no matter how much preaching occurs about common sense things, some people cant help themselves-some will still drink and drive, some will do drugs, some will make disparaging or discriminatory remarks, and some will do far worse-sexual assault. It seems like it almost occurs more, the more we were told like children not to do something..or else (like being scolded by a parent). And what did we do when we were told NOT to do something: We did it anyways! This sexual assault has been played over and over. Its an image problem for the navy-for whatever reason-whatever dynamics are in place that creates a rise in these circumstances.that seems to me to be the thing that has to change too. I mean, is it that there are 1000 men and 3 women aboard a ship for 6 months and nothing to do but stare at the ocean aside from work? Its no excuse for assualts, but, if it happens often for the navy, what is going on that this keeps happening over and over for many years?
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  • Answer is always more training
    Kenny Ray
    The list of "mandatory training" in the Navy grows every year. Civilians are subject to it as well, though not nearly as many. There is sexual harassment training, Information Assurance Awareness training, the list goes on. You would not believe the manpower expended in these "training evolutions" not only the time taken by the trainee, but the manpower and/or money used to create the training and then to enforce it. Its a lot like computer security, the "need" for the training is not nearly as acute as the need to justify and increase the jobs of those who create it.
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