1:55 am, May 28, 2015

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  • We cannot speak for ourselves.
    And that may be part of the problem. It was made clear to me during my employment that I was forbidden from speaking publicly, as an employee, about or in support of, my agency. I could not even petition, as a knowledgeable employee, my Congressman for support for my agency. No more than five years ago, one of my superiors (a highly esteemed NIH scientist, in fact) even referred to us feds as "second-class" citizens because of these speech restrictions. I suppose we have only you, Mike, or now me, as a retiree, to spread the good word about the invaluable federal workforce. Let's start here: Free Speech for Feds!
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  • Questions
    Who's keeping track of the Countrywide mortgages? It's not too late to shine the light.
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  • freedom of speech
    You can speak as an individual. You cannot speak as a rep of the agency you work for.
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