10:16 pm, May 25, 2015

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    The DoD numbers don't even touch the surface of the true costs to the taxpayer. Local and state governments use tax dollars to build up infrastructure (roads, schools, sewer lines, grid upgrades, hospital wings,...) and hire additional law enforcement, teachers, ... to handle the incoming population. On the closing activity side, costs for unemployment, local supporting business closure/downsizing, higher crime rates and loss of ratables hits the local areas. These costs are real and are not in the DoD's numbers. The DOD savings estimate is just as suspect. By the way, who gets fired or goes to jail when official cost estimates are off by BILLIONS? Answer - There is no negative ramification for corrupt or incompetent estimates. There should be.
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  • Who is held accountable
    What are their names, grades, and based on this report, their current bonuses and promotions. Cause you know they got outstanding performance ratings for this. The key and central issue with government fraud, waste, and abuse is accountability. Without, where is the incentive for a GS 14 or 15 to NOT lie?
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  • BRAC is a 4 letter word
    I was BRACd...because it was too expensive to keep us in leased buildings. Wasn't safe due to proximity to rail/roads etc. Funny, that building that was SO expensive and SO dangerous for us to be in is now FULL with other federal (DoD) agencies...so not a single dime was saved. Oh, and they built us a GINORMOUS new bldg. Please note, I did NOT say the new building was an improvement. It's not. Somebody sold somebody a bill of goods on this one. I'm sure they got a hefty bonus for it too.
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