5:58 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Mass transit fare subsidy redux?
    Let's hope that this effort to resuscitate the transit fare subsidy program fails. It had become a major boondoggle, as GAO reports revealed massive fraud involving misuse of transit fare subsidy checks by recipients and a virtual absence of even the most basic agency accountability measures in place to prevent such misuse. The program was flawed from its very start in the '90s, whne it was touted as a way to encourage Federal workers to take mass transit instead of commuting by auto. What happened, not surprisingly, was that the vast bulk of recipients were already mass transit users and would have continued to be so regardless of the subsidy program; so it was just an unwarranted tax-free perk for most. GAO investigators repeatedly found widespread misuse of the subsidies, with many recipients selling them on e-Bay and other websites or giving them to relatives, etc. This was a major embarrassment for the Feds, and agencies repeatedly promised to fix the problems, only to again aagain drop the ball. This fiasco deserves no second life.
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