10:21 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Axes to Grind..hmmm
    Lisa Lisa
    Well, that comment perhaps might be true but I would like to think the REASON whistleblowers have an axe to grind is because of the the abuses, misuses, lack of corrections by senior management, etc. To me, it doesnt matter if a whistleblower has an axe to grind or not. If an agency's nose isnt clean, it isnt clean..period. If the issues are true its true-doesnt matter is the folks dont like them. If an agency or individuals in an agency did wrongdoings, then they are busted..doesnt matter whether the whistleblower doesnt like them or not. This is usuallu how we find out the wrongdoings, is by an employee or a group pf them, that just cant take the egrigious acts caused by their bosses whom the employees have overtime started to loathe. Now however, if those whistleblower were all of a sudden realigned to be under the supervision for the very same people that they called out and whos heads are now being put UNDER the axe..well, thats called retaliation.
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