5:04 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Question
    deployed decoy
    "From OPM: Employees scheduled to telework on the day of the announcement are expected to begin telework on time or request unscheduled leave." If a person is scheduled to telework and begins work on time at home, only to find the power is out, the internet is out, or the phone is down. Just exactly what do they do for the next 7 hours and 45 minutes. How does the answer change if they are EE.
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  • A Game of Chance (or is it Chicken?) for this morning's commute
    Lisa Lisa
    First to answer DECOY: There is probably those that do not have power, but some do. Just because they cant use the internet or check email doesnt mean they dont have other things to do on telework. But..I do understand your questioning. ---------------- It is now 430AM, and I plan on being out the door and on the road no later than 515AM (I always start work at 6AM). My hope is that because this is a holiday week, traffic will be light so on that front, I have crossed my fingers AND toes (although that hurts a little). I do know the heavily traveled main highway 210 I use each day for about 12-15 miles still had no traffic lights as of yesterday afternoon. It will be like a game of chance..or will it be more of a game of chicken(??) at the many intersections along Hwy 210 which on a good day has seen many accidents at intersections let alone without traffic lights. I will plan on stopping at the intersections as everyone is supposed to do, but as in the past, I also risk being rearended because the knob behind me will expect me to blow through it and I risk getting hit for stopping. This is the danger for drivers especially since these intersections will not have police manually controlling the intersections. Hope I come home in one piece! Later taters!
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