4:09 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Ft Belvoir/DISA closing
    Norman's Mother
    Those of us who patronize Ft Belvoir could care less about DISA or any other tenant agency. We care about the commissary and the golf course. DISA is yet another DoD agency that produces nothing and is full of lazy workers who collect paychecks on the taxpayer's dime. Has DISA changed the course of world history? Found the cure for cancer? Negotiated peace treaties? None of the above. Far as I'm concerned DISA can stay closed permanently.
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  • Response to Ft Belvoir/DISA closing
    In response to Norman's Mother, obviously before you comment on an Agency like DISA you should have your facts straight. DISA is not located at Fort Belvoir and it's employees are NOT lazy. Do you even know their mission and what they do for the country, DoD and Federal Government? Apparently you do not. Go to their website and check for yourself. As far as calling their workers lazy, obviously if all you are concerned with is the commissary and golf course, you might want to look in the mirror before you speak, as well as get your priorities and facts straight.
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  • In Response to Ft. Belvoir/DISA closing
    Don't forget federal workers pay taxes too, alot of them. Taxpayers probably helped pay for that golf course too!!
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