6:40 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Self-fulfilling prophesy
    My main fear with all the fed-bashing from Congress is that this will create a self-fulfilling prophecy. Feds will become second-class citizens with fewer rights and more responsibilities than the rest of the country. Only the super-patriotic, crooks, and the incompetent will apply for the work. Pay will be minimum wage with no benefits. Nobody will be responsible to provide quality service, and top managers will know that they have to plan to move out of their current position within a year or two so that they can blame their predecessor on all problems and move on before that excuse wears off. The public will get uninspected food, unsafe highways, and a busy signal when they try to complain. Theft of government funds will be a profit area for crooks. DEA, Border Patrol, etc will be routinely caught taking payoffs because it is the only way to pay their bills. Is that the country the Congress and Tea party wants? That is what they will be getting.
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  • Don't worry
    Supremes just said taxes can be increased for any reason, there's no shortage of money coming. Budget problem is a red herring, especially if we get a "peace dividend" when all the troops come home.
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  • Not quite contrarian
    Taxes are increased through legislation not just at a whim. Guess you are against obamacare which supplies insurance for those who cannot afford it. it also forces employers of a reasonable size (not very small businesses) to supply health insurance to employees. You must be for the wealthy.
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  • Honey and vinegar
    Tony, I'm sorry that your earned retirement appears to be under threat. But you really need to work on that whole concept of catching more flies with honey than with vinegar. I think you could have had a much more productive conversation with your congressman if you hadn't lain into him.
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