6:24 am, May 28, 2015

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  • Post Office
    Considering how corrupt the banking system is in this country it might now be a bad idea to offer banking services at the Post Office, especially in areas that are not served by credit unions but unfortunately if the Post Office bank started to cut into the profits of the banks, they would crush it. Another consideration is offering land-line phone service. In the UK I believe that the Royal Post Office offers land-line service to customers. Since the Phone monopolies will eventually abandon land-line service, the USPS could take up the slack and possibly increase their income. People in rural areas will always need land line service because in some cases it is their only way to get onto the internet.
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  • Postal Service and Banking
    Blinded Faith
    The current proposal for the USPS to reenter the banking market is not a new idea but an idea thats right on time with the current banking climate. The current USPS management team is narrow minded and shortsighted. They are bent on destroying the service instead of reinvigorating it. To just prove a simple point, Walmart would'nt be entering the financail market if it was over saturated. Do remember the USPS is one of the most trusted Government Institutions in the country. Every small community has a branch. It has been the social center for most rural areas.
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  • work at home
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