8:22 am, May 27, 2015

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  • "Not alot of interest in passing bills"?
    Big Joe
    "Not alot of interest in passing bills"? Isn't that alot like saying not alot of interest in doing your job? Make sure you punish me for being a federal worker, but don't do your own job and make sure you make more than me......
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  • But yet the GOP-controlled House has plenty of time to....
    FERS Fed
    ....spend endless hours debating/voting on such 'critical' legislation as repealing the Affordable Care Act, and citing AG Holder for contempt of Congress. Hey, all you Representatives and Senators! In case you didn't get the memo, 85%-90% of the American people hold CONGRESS in contempt.
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  • useless politicans
    Just goes to show how little policitians of all parties really care about the American people. They are completely useless. They use the rest of the federal employees as scapegoates for their own incompetence. Must be nice to make six figures and do nothing all day. I wouldn't know. Politicans don't get their jobs done, take long vacations, and act like little children on a playground, pointing fingers and putting blame on everyone except themselves. It is time for politicians on both sides to GROW UP and put the welfare of all Americans in front of their petty partisan warfare. If I were to perform that poorly, I would not have a job.
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  • Why should this year be different?
    JR Samples
    Maybe members of Congress should only receive one paycheck a year - on October 1, if and only if all work has been completed, including having a budget in place.
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  • The year before last....
    FERS Fed
    ...the good citizens of California gave their governor the authority to withhold state representatives' and senators' paychecks if they didn't have the state budget enacted by the start of California's fiscal year. And miracle of miracles, California's budget was enacted on time for the last two years! If only 'We the People' could something similar for members of Congress.
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