7:15 am, May 30, 2015

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  • Government minority hiring
    Worked for a local county government as field network engineer for 25 years. In that capacity I had access to every county facility. From the commissioners offices to the sewage plants. What I found was that the blacks were highly over-represented in the job force. The HR director and HR department rebuffed my every attempt at exploring racial employee demographics. I was not inclined to press the issue because we had some really vindictive jerks as CEO and HR director. Both were later convicted in federal court of creating a "hostile work environment" for the employees. After retiring I pressed the issue with the EEOC and county HR department. An EEOC lawyer replied that the EEOC was exempt from reporting employee demographics. Fortunately the new county HR director opinion was that public records should be available to the public. I crunched the numbers and the results were as bad as I had observed. Blacks were over-represented by 20 percent in the employee demographics. The 2010 census indicates the county population is sixty percent black, but they were 80 percent of the employees. When I presented the issue to the HR the director she only admitted that Hispanics were under-represented and would receive extra recruitment. The fact the EEOC lawyer was claiming exemption from revealing public records indicates that there is a huge bias in federal government in favor of employing minorities and hides behind fictional exemptions that perpetrates legal, federal bias against whites and males for government employment opportunities, much less promotion. I welcome any responses to this post. Best regards, KenC
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