11:12 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Way way out there
    For those of you that sneer at "flyover country" you are absolutely right! Nothing to do, no where to go, snow up to your eye balls in the winter, fires all summer, no respect, the air always smells like cow poop! Stay where you are and appreciate all you have. Don't come here and then try to make it what exactly what you tried to escape!
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  • Way up there
    I met someone from Montana once in Denver. I was at the same hotel where the annual cattle convention was taking place. I had never seen people wearing cowboy hats other than on TV. I found these people to be the most polite gentlemen (and women) I had ever met. I asked one individual from Busby a lot of questions about owning cattle - it sounds like extremely hard work for very little net income at the end of the year. He really enjoyed his work and the life he had chosen. I get the same reaction from others when they find out where I am from - the beautiful state of Maine. One such employee said -"Maine....that's up in Canada, right?" This attitude is prevalent not only DC but in all the big cities. There are less opportunity for promotions in the smaller POD's; however life is all about choices. I decided a long time ago that moving to a large city for a promotion is not worth the high cost of living, the traffic and long commutes, and the higher crime rates. It takes me approximately 4 minutes to drive the 1.2 miles from my affordable apartment to my POD. The crime rates are quite low, and I love the beautiful Maine coast...in the summer time. Winter is another story!
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  • I have to laugh
    I have to laugh about your comment about Maine being in Canada. I used to live in Washington, State that is, or as we called it Washington AC (above California). Then I lived in Utah - "where is that?" Was the usual question. Even is they could say You-Tah and not ewe-ta. I just said on the other side of Nevada from California. "Is it a State?" Anyway, you get the picture.
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  • Jay Walking
    If I didn't watch Jay Leno I wouldn't believe these two stories. And you didn't even get into New Mexico.
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  • To Linda
    Good column Linda. You write very well
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