8:25 am, May 28, 2015

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  • pass the place of your first employment
    deployed decoy
    My first place of employment, a small franchise hardware store/chain. Went out of business long ago. Too small to even have the corporate greed and destruction of American ways of life like Wal-Mart, use their name in the process of wiping out the competition. Ya I know in times of melting pennies to replace the 100 amp fuse in the box. People live for Wal-Mart low prices enough to put dozens of business out of business because they just could not meet the wholesale price Wal-Mart demands. Not picking really on Wal-Mart here. I also remember when the country had more than 4 FM radio stations, 5 franchise coffee chains and foreign mining operations had not raped Nevada gold (still going on under the mining law of 1872). At least I can say I have to this day never been in a Starbucks and only when the freeway was closed in the goat town of Baker City OR did I break down going to Wal-Mart and buy tire chains for my rental car since all the truck stops were sold out. Looking forward to the day all federal positions and work is foreign owned and operated. Give the public what they think they want, starving that person across the street in the process. But heck we are a food stamp nation so who cares.
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  • First job=govt?
    I've always thought this deprived people of valuable experiences. I think it's good that I bounced around a little while. Now I appreciate my job and other people, perhaps more than those with no other background. I've found the lifetime upper managers the most rigid and bound to foolish traditions, or easiest to slash people because they can. Glad it worked out for someone from Akron, but other hyper-ambitious people have been scary.
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  • real work?
    disgusted fed who hopes to hold out until retirement
    I guess I have real work for the government/taxpayer. I've worked enough Saturdays and Sundays to prove it. 17 months left!
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  • Ready to Go
    I too came to the government right out of college. I don't know if it's good or bad but Federal service is all I know. What I do know is that I am tired of the bashing and disrespect federal employees have gotten over the past 3 years. Unfortunately, I see no end in sight and I've had it. 32 years of this is enough. I will go and hopefully make way for someone that needs money to support a family. I am done with that and will not buy enough of anything to make any noticeable contributions to the economy. I wish all of those that can't get out well and I hope to live long enough to see the day when Feds are given the same respect that private industry workers receive. Not holding by breath.
    How can you change the rules in the middle of the game? Going from high 3 to high 5 could mean the loss of $2000 a year that will never be recovered. Where is the integrity? Why should the "best and brightest" consider federal service when they hear they won't get a raise for 5 years and we might keep our word when you get ready to retire and we might not?
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  • Never could just do college now
    deployed decoy
    Now daze we have mandatory military spouse preference. These folks dont stay on the job a full rating period most times. They sometimes get replaced by a mostly stable employee that will hang around a few years. Many new hires and about the only way to get in federal service these daze is being a 10 point VRA or VEOA vet. But even VEOA is all but hopeless to get a job with thousands of 30%+ priority Vets after all the wars. The upside I guess is the Govt will be mostly trained killers soon enough that congress might start to take notice of all the gun racks in the parking lot. Then a very high percentage of these Vets really don’t care much about federal retirement or FEHB. They have Tricare for life for around $300 a year and both the retirement check and disability check rolling in every month. Now someone mess with days off and all heck will break out.
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  • Fed vs Private Work
    Gov from VA
    I have worked about equal time in and out of government. My work has been in the same general field in each. The main difference I see is that in the government I can spend more time on analysis and problem solving without the need to sell. I work about the same number of hours, the same level of expertise is required and the content is very similar. I do have broader influence on the industry I am in now that I am in government, and not working for only one company.
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  • Also first job out of college
    My federal job of 28 plus years is also my first full time job out of college. But, like the article it was not my first job. I did dog sitting and baby sitting prior to being legally old enough to hold a job. Then I worked at Winchell's Donut House, no longer there, now a Rite Aid. Then I waited tables in a bowling alley, sold stationary and records amoung other things at JC Penny's, was a receptionist for a fabrication firm one summer, was a cashier, made omlets.....I thinks that is all. All that before I got my federal job. My parents, also depression era, believe in working for what you got. We got clothes and maybe one special thing for Christmas and Birthdays and other than that, buy it yourself. And no we were not deprived, we did family things, had a boat, etc. But, if you wanted to learn to snow ski, pay for it yourself. If my mom could make it, we got it for free. Or rather for chores. But, it was a good up bringing and I am thankful for learning the work ethic. Many people out there now, could use that ethic.
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