5:48 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Builds Strong Bodys, 12 Ways
    deployed decoy
    OK giving away my age here. I am sure a few will remember the title slogan of a still in production white bread, well before they were sued for false advertizing. Not much different than photo shopped hamburgers (NUF) or congress/white house press conferences and campaign promises. Is a promise not kept a lie, subject to perjury charges... Mike, hope you did not farm out any supervisory duties to ghost bosses with the FREE columns the next couple weeks. The FNR parent CEO, just may figure out, a lot more money (assumes you get paid a lot) towards their off shore retirement fund can be siphoned off salary and just tell you to not bother coming back. I am going to send my Big Mac back until it looks just like the picture, we all should.
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  • well great
    Lisa Lisa
    well great..now I am having a hankering for a Big Mac..thanks a lot..and my hips thank you too!
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  • scratch and sniff
    deployed decoy
    Just eat the flyer from Sundays paper. It has more natural ingredients, looks better, has a bunch more fiber and is free. I hear MickyD is coming out with the McRoughage for us Boomers. Made of soy tofu and ground popped corn.
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  • Want fries with that flyer?
    FERS Fed
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  • OK
    deployed decoy
    But only if you promise the 100% natural, but artificial flavor source for my strawberry shake, was not derived from excretions of the North American beaver anal gland… Really a 100% natural source of strawberry flavor… Now I think I know why WY Mountain men are rumored to have loved roasted beaver tail.
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  • You just ruined the one thing I like about McD's
    I used to love McD's but then realized that home cooked versions of everything taste better and are cheaper. Really, unless I'm going for something unique, even good versions like Five Guys are a ripoff. I love Famous Uncle Al's coney dogs because they used Boar's Head foot longs. And even though home cooked ribs are good, they are a great restaurant meal in Memphis at Rendezvous and Corky's or Gates BBQ in Kansas City. You can't beat the steaks at Cattlmen's in OK City and Dallas has some fantastic beef bbq and steak places. But fast food? I'd really rather not.
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