9:39 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Defund TSA_
    Defund communist group TSA. Cut govt.back 47%. Skeleton crew. Throw Them All Out. Restore the Constitution-NOW. When the govt.becomes a tryanny. Which they have. It is the peoples duty to replace them.
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  • the TSA
    There is a big waiting list for perverts to be able to molest people without fear of arrest. The only way to accomadate all the pervs is to expand the amount of people they can fondle thus the TSA is expanding their role to other forms of transportation.
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  • Govt. Control
    ..............and the hand of Fed. Govt. Control tightens around the neck of the U.S. Citizen just a little MORE !!! After all, The Taxpayer is just footing the Bill for THIS Totally !!! Justify it however they want, it's still just another grab for more power over the U.S. Citizens !!!
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  • Power Grab..............
    Put whatever color of lipstick on that Pig that they may want it still a pig trying to grab for more power over the U.S. Citizens/Taxpayers that are footing the Bill for THIS !!!
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  • TSA
    Won't be long before if we travel anywhere, we will have to show our "papers". The fascists running DHS will be so proud.
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