5:45 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Cong Dem Dope Proposes universal groping
    Let's see, NYPD can't stop and frisk when they're looking for a mugger, rapist, drug dealer or murderer, but this demoncrap Congress criiter wants the feds to be able to grop anyone, anytime, anyplace? She should have been shouted down and thrown out of the room immediately and shipper to a communist or islamonazi country. Wake up people!
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  • More frisking!
    So now before we board abus to work, we'll have to deal with the same sexual assault as the airport?
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  • Expanded TSA presence
    So, now we can expect to see TSA pat-downs at corner bus stops, subway stations, building entrances, going to a ballpark or other recreational event in which a trolley or other transporation is provided, even a rickshaw? No,"Nappy" I don't agree with you about closing TSA and DHS...I think 90% of the federal government needs immediate closure and both Houses of Congress' members limited to two consecutive terms and then may never ever run for that office again.
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  • E-mailed My Rep
    I e-mailed my New Hampshire Rep, Charlie Bass, to see how he voted. As a conservative, I'm disgusted by my "lesser of two evils" party of RINOS. There's no way this Democrat sponsored bill should have passed in a Republican controlled House. You're going to give even more power to this already thoroughly corrupt agency, the evil spawn of the DHS? (I guess we now know where some of the 450 million rounds of .40 caliber hollowpoints are going to go). I'm sure it will be passed by all of the Commie-Liberals and RINOs in the Senate.
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  • Dem Agenda
    Watch out when Dems use the term "common sense approach." It really means "progressive socialist approach."
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