6:40 am, May 22, 2015

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  • Specifically...
    Iambic PentaMaster
    ...TSA will be teaching bus drivers how to hand-rape children and elderly women.
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  • what terrorism?
    What terrorism are we talking about anyway? It's been over a decade since 9/11. It's no more dangerous today then it was in the 1990's. Do you feel safer?
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  • LSA
    Since Congress and the White House are the biggest threat lately to the country as we know it, maybe we need a legislative security authority (LSA) more. It would check with the House and Senate members daily to assure us that Congress has read and understands what they are going to vote on including the consequences. Just a thought, but it would be more protective and helpful than what is proposed to expand TSA.
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  • No Terrorist Threat.
    So their reason is that they have to have them everywhere to combat terrorism better. When it's been 10-11 yrs after the fact that our government flew planes into two buildings. To one make you give up your constitutional rights under the guise of terrorism. The other is to get most the sheep to go along with war for billions and billions of natural resources. Sorry but the only terrorist threat are the people in our government.
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  • Feds Can Grope Anywhere, Anytime?
    Let's see, NYPD can't stop and frisk people who meet the description of muggers, drug dealers, rapists and murderers, but some Congressional dope wants to let the feds grope anyone, anytime, anyplace? Guess Moochelle and Bloomie will get their way--those of us with brains will walk or drive. Wake the Fup people.
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