6:07 am, May 27, 2015

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  • The Democratic Police State
    The Bruce
    More statism from Democrats. Reminds me of 1930s Germany or 1920s Russia.
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  • expanding TSA 'a commonsense approach'??
    How did I know it would be a Democrat pushing this nonsensical bill to spread the government intrusion into our lives across all kinds of mass transportation? I am sick and tired of people - especially politicians - who are eager to throw away my rights just because they do not value their own. The people who we have to fear are not going to be stopped by TSA examiners. They will find another way to do their dirty deeds. This expansion of the TSA reeks of a) supporting the unions, who support the Democrats! and b) overzealous do-gooding by people such as this Dem Representative who have NO common sense and are not qualified to do anything of value.
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  • TSA
    This will just be another opportunity for the government to "grow", yet another department of morons! It actually stands to reason that a California Democrat would have introduced this bill! California and the Democratic party are so intent on running the entire world, they should be separated into another entity of their own!
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  • TSA is Dangerous
    So now we get to be molested no matter where we travel? Close down this idiotic agency! Train local law enforcement to do the job! Ever since the nannies decided that profiling was bad (which it isn't, it is simply common sense), the TSA has turned into a perverts' preferred employer. How many registered sex offenders did they recently find were working there?
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  • Stop HB3140 Now and Defund and Disband DHS
    Tired Of Over Reach
    This is insanity. I refuse to give up my liberty for protection against some vague and nebulous 'threat'. The idea that 'if it saves one life, it's worth it' is BS. We need our freedom. We don't have the money or the appetite for this ongoing encroachment on our freedoms. Stop it now. Vote for people who to not support this type of tyranny. I agree with all who say this whole thing is unconstitutional. Let's stop it now. The TSA has expanded 125% since Obumbler took office. Now there's a place we can start with budget cuts. I much rather leave all this stuff to personal protection, police forces using constitutional enforcement. Be done with this capture of our freedom.
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