10:11 am, May 25, 2015

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  • TSA expansion
    As much as I think the TSA is one of government blackhole for money and the latest wizz-bang technologies, I have to take a second look at this one simply because Jackie Speier is behind it. I remember Jackie as a legislative assistant to Congressman Leo Ryan and was with Ryan at Jonestown when he was killed. Jackie was injured in the shoot-out. Anyone who takes a bullet in the service of our country and returns to public life deserves our attention. I just hope no one in Washington thinks they're going to set up pat down areas on every mass transit system in the country. It's one thing to extend airline flights by an hour to ensure one gets thru check-in, but to extend every subway ride by an hour is brain-dead. I'm glad I'm retired and don't commute anywhere
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  • 4th Amendment
    Radar Tech
    Isn't ironic and infuriating how those sworn to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States routinely violate the 4th Amendment? We all need to use our 1st Amendment rights while we can or I fear for our Republic that there will be many that resort to their 2nd Amendment rights (and that would be truly horrible). As a student of the American Revolution and the Civil War, I have great concerns about the balkanization of our nation and the polarization of our politics. This expansion of the TSA is likely to exacerbate the problems and create domestically that which they attempt to interdict from foreign sources.
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  • 2nd Amendemnt Rights
    If this keeps up we'll be exercising our 2nd Amendment rights on these thugs.
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  • tsa intel sharing
    ed g.
    doesn't one have to be intelligent to share intelligence? given the tsa dullards i've encountered while being groped, fondled, and molested, i could understand congress allowing the tsa to share used gum, or recently soiled underwear, with other federal agenciey, but not intelligence.
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  • TSA
    I can't believe that RINO Bonner let this stuff go by. This moron must be thrown out. WTH is this country comming to . Might as well move to MOSCOW .
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  • TSA go away
    You need to have intelligence to share it. Everyone knows their collective IQ is about 25. These are government employees not professionals. Time to disband them and let the professionals step in. Can you imagine a airport style screening to get on a subway? Terrorism works by making you scared and forcing reactions. Remember the elections is Spain? I think the TSA is an example of how the terrorists have won.
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