4:19 am, May 29, 2015

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  • what intelligence?!?
    The same intelligence that targets people with prosthetic limbs and colonostomy bags; 90 year old women wearing depends, and tiny toddlers?!? The same intelligence that overlooks unscreened airport workers with access to bathrooms, luggage compartments, and repair hangars?!? The same intelligence that says that confiscating our toenail clippers and our shampoo will protect a plane from anti-aircraft missiles?!?
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  • Police State
    This is another extension of the Obama Police State.
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  • SO much
    For ones right to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness. With obamacare you are taxed for being alive, DHS/TSA has done nothing but erode freedoms (liberties), one is no longer allowed to pursue what makes them happy without some type of license, tax, payoff to the government. Welcome to USSR.
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  • TSA (troubled singles association?)
    So, I guess the fears I had are coming true. First intrusive search at airports..isn't there an amendment against unreasonable search and seizure in that dusty old document at the heart of our country? Now it's mass transit...Next, I guarantee, will be sporting events..Soon after that, malls and night clubs..eventually grocery stores..ending in a sharply dressed TSA agent on every street corner, brown shirt courtesy of the US taxpayer..
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  • fabricated terrorism for a fabricated terroist state
    nice, except there IS NO TERRORISM. Its a FABRICATED enemy. "They" (notice the outgrouping, "radical Islam" is the current boogey man) have been "here" since 9-11 What have they DONE? Not so much as shout "fire" in a crowded movie theatre. this is a pure fabrication to expand budgets
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