4:22 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Of course! She's from San Francisco!
    this is from the website of the sponsor of this bill: "Jackie Speier (pronounced SPEAR) has lived her entire life inside California’s 12th Congressional District"
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  • jackie speier
    Gross !!!
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  • Two Masks, One Face
    What did you all think was going to happen? Did you think the Republican Congress would protect you? G.W.Bush (R) pushed the Patriot Act. B.H.Obama (D) has a kill list. Can you not see that the police state is not a matter of left versus right, or democrats versus republicans? It is the entire federal monster of a machine, and both 'sides' push for this sort of thing. They have always been the same thing, just with two different masks. Republicans let the wealthy elite evade taxes in exchange for generous 'donations,' and the Democrats give the wealthy elite tax-funded stimulus money in exchange for generous 'donations.' Can't you see what is happening? The wealthy elite can see it. That why Goldman Sachs backed Obama and now backs Romney. They know it doesn't matter as long as they get an establishment puppet. Republicans will NOT protect you from this growing police state. Romney NEVER talks about the police state. Please wake up America!
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  • Well Since The...
    consensus seems to be that the TSA has incompetent, lazy and unhospitable employees. Perhaps we they should up the ante and only hire college graduates. It will cost more, but perhaps we'd get better quality. Two options are to hire contractors, then we'll moan because the cost is higher, or, we could disband them and hope that no one considers attacking our transportation infrastructure.
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  • Option 3
    We start profiling like the Israels do. We can even use our military (they are supposed to protect our borders). We know where the majority of terrorists come. We know what religion/culture the majority of terrorists come from. We need to quit being PC about it. You have a whole culture that has been taught to hate our country and our culture. To loath it so much they are willing to kill themselves attempting to destroy it. Do you really think you will be able to change their minds? I don't. Not anymore.
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  • Are you kidding me?
    Do you really think that the TSA actually stops anything? Tell me one time, just ONE time, when the TSA prevented an occurance of anything related to airline security. JUST ONE!!!
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  • About Face, please
    Robert Hollis
    Don't be a nimrod, Congresswoman. TSA needs to be trimmed, not expanded. As for them not being on subways and buses, you're a little late to the party: they already are. Yesterday on a trip from NYC to Philly on Amtrak, there were the Blue Gloved Wonders, conducting "random searches" before boarding the train. (How utterly worthless. A terrorist, seeing these jumped-up mall cops, would simply choose not to board that particular train and would come back tomorrow. Or, if the trains are anything like the airport, just get on through the backdoor with luggage or catering services. As a result the Travel Smurfs only end up harassaing law abiding citizens.) The TSA isn't interested in working with data, as you suggest. They already have a no fly list of 24,000 names (and growing). No one seems to be in any rush to check out those folks (who are allowed to wander the streets of Cleveland and Houston, but who cannot be allowed on a plane). It's much more fun for TSA boss John Pinhead to buy new machines and hire new pedophiles. Let's stop the charade and shut them down.
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  • TSA Sharing Info
    It is funny that common sense and the TSA are mentioned in the same article. Isn't that an oxymoron? The TSA has already done prom and highway check points. Just wait till the agencies that will be the recipients of the "shared" info start getting TSA check points too. There is so much wrong with the TSA it needs to be scrapped and their "image" will suffer no more.
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