2:15 am, May 27, 2015

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  • One Source of Revenue
    Kenny Ray
    Need more revenue? Go after the U.S. companies that are so quick to off-shore every job they can. Hit them with a tax equal to the difference in what they are "saving" in payroll.
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  • Cutting the DoDs budget should be at the top of the list of....
    things to do. IMO the bloated budget for defense spending is a direct outcome of workfare. That is as Esienhower warned, the meger btwn private industrial and the DoD the industrial-defense complex. The fact is 10s of millions of jobs depend on that relationship which leads to the politization of national security decisions. Its time to put an end to that kind of thinking and spending. The Defense Department, is asking for something like $600B in spending authority not including its black budget which is basically unlimited. That budget can and must be cut by at least $200-250B dollars..first get rid of the seperate Service agencies and combine those seperate entities into a single commmand struture with one acquistion process, one uniform, one miliary totally integrated. Second, go to a 7 carrier force, third bring our international forces home from Europe and thats just for starters. It has to be done. We simply can afford to spend trillions of trillions of dollars on ever escaltating defense budgets. IMO letting the sequester happen would be a step in the right direction.
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  • Sequestration will not be "devastating"
    The claim that sequestration will be "devastating" is a gross exagguration. Sequestration is our best chance to cut spending in years, and if McCain and others are serious about reining in spending, they should support it. The little known truth is that these defense cuts aren't truly cuts, but in fact are only a reduction in the spending increase for the coming year. The defense budget is still going up, dollar-wise.
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  • "McCain opens door to revenue increases..."?
    FERS Fed
    But WWGNS (what will Grover Norquist say)?
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