2:00 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Cut now
    deployed decoy
    Cut DoD military salaries to 2008 levels, including allowances. Cut the contracted work force by 10% now. Feds have not had a pay raise in years. Feds in the war zones earn between 14% and 35% less salary than peers in the USA. in my shop all 3 of the 3 authorized federal positions are vacant. I just sit in that office and suck O2 out of the room and dont even get any work to do, that is a loooong story for another time. Make military memembers with the wife and kids in war zones, send the family home and move on to the base where it is safe. If it is so hostile that military income is federal tax free, it is to hostile for a 10YO to go to school at a cost of $38,000 a year extra tax free...
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  • Forgot
    deployed decoy
    The US State Dept just released the 2012 TIP report. Kuwait is on it again at the Tier-3 level. It is a federal law violation to give this country water unless it is after a natural disaster and they come begging for it. Importing slave produced oil just buys votes in American anyway. So bring the troops home (not just 50 KM south of Iraq and tell America we have gotten them out of Iraq as the half truth.
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