3:47 pm, May 24, 2015

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    ...and State Department?
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  • USAID Article
    Three cheers for Jerry Horton’s honesty and integrity about USAID’s continuous monitoring program. His “predecessor,” State Department’s recently departed CISO, in my opinion, has a deficit in honesty, integrity and ethics. The fall of USAID’s scores and the fact that State Department IT security program has a significant security finding from last year’s OIG report should be big red flags to folks. But State’s problems aren’t the result of the CISO’s departure so much as it is the arrival of an OIG that knows IT security and could not be intimidated by State’s former CISO. State’s former CISO lacked IT skills and IT security skills—no formal training or experience in either field, no IT or IT security certifications either. As State’s OIG report for 2011 indicated, the IT security program lacked documentation, no plans--nothing. State’s former CISO testified to Senator Carper in October 2009 that he had reduced security risk at State by 90 percent. Nothing could have been further from the truth then or now. Even the National Security Agency was duped by State Department’s claims and awarded State the Frank Rowlett award in 2009. Karen Evans, former head of OMB’s IT Office also swallowed State’s claims. Why would State lie about accomplishments must have been going on in their minds. It was Senator Carper who asked the GAO to review State’s claims, and as it turned out, State wasn’t really truthful. Rumor has it, that GAO even censored their own report, GAO 11-149, so as not to appear that they were penalizing State’s effort in the IT security area. DHS has,in my opinion, brought a cancer into their organization; a real toxic person. Without real management oversight, DHS will suffer the same fate as USAID and State and will only have a façade for a program.
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