1:28 am, May 24, 2015

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  • Justice is gone in government
    "All 23 Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee supported the contempt measure, while the 17 Democrats opposed it, reflecting the deep political divide on the issue." - CNN. In Washington D.C., elected representatives are handing out legal charges based on political party affiliation. America looks doomed and the bad news is "Underdog" and "Superman" were just cartoons. When a nation loses justice it usually takes much pain and suffering to get it back.
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  • Contractor "salary" cap? No, wrong.
    Jerry A.
    The Senate bill will not cap contractor executive salaries. That's a GOP talking point, a.k.a. lie. The bill would cap government reimbursement for that position. In other words, the contractor would not be able to pad the budget and rake off more than $230,700 of government money to pay that person. It would still be able to pay that executive any ridiculous amount of money as salary, just have to "earn" it from other contracts. (Note: that limit applies to _each_ executive, so the company could take millions from the government _just_ in overhead. Want to tell me about how "efficient" it is and how much "cheaper" it is for the government to use contractors? What nonsense.)
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  • Interesting coincidence?
    Now that we have all these pay-capped GS-15s, we are all getting pay-capped? The timing sounds funny. We can't have all those little people catching up.
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  • Tightening belts a political strategy
    Of course millionaires are tightening their belts. They want nothing more than to see the unemployment rate skyrocket so they can place their stooge Romney into office and then release the floodgates that should be open now. Some of us see right through that pile of dung.
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