3:41 am, May 25, 2015

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  • Federal job hunt made easier for military members?
    Norman's Mother
    Federal civilians, especially in the Dept of Defense, are sick and tired of the "revolving military door", where military types retire on Friday and show up on Monday as Federal employees. If they go contractor we don't care, but as Fed employees, they're taking jobs away from career Feds who have been in the position for years and deserve a promotion. I have 33+ years service and I know what I'm talking about, so no amount of BS or bureaucratic blather fools me. It comes down to pure greed. Retired military, especially those from the Intelligence field, aren't willing to work real jobs. They won't drive school buses, work at Wal Mart or even start their own businesses. They all want to get on the Fed gravy train. My point? The military already have huge advantages in applying for and obtaining Federal jobs. They don't need at taxpayer expense, further perks in the form of legislation.
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  • yep
    sounds about right, tho I'm not retired, I am exmilitary and I didnt go from active to a fed job. I worked 7+ years as a contractor and then went fed. I dont have your 33+ years, which btw, since you're complaining about military taking away fed jobs, at 33+ years, shouldnt you be retired by now? and let someone else come in and have a job or promotion, at which they deserve? You might think its "revolving door", and it might very well be, but its not very common and some, if not most, have to earn it. It wasnt given...no free meal here...
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  • No one left behind
    Another aspect of the "no Lt Col left behind" is the RIF process is aimed at career civilians not the military. And let's see if we can't "create" slots at the GS-15 to SES level. Are there any GS9s or 11's out there?
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