3:50 pm, May 22, 2015

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  • Widespread loss of Power
    Those of us required to report to our duty stations in urban areas will likely face gridlocks due to outage of traffic signals. Having worked in third world countries, in areas without electrification, I learned how much work you can get done by face to face communication. They work like this on a daily basis.
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  • everything we do
    deployed decoy
    that is important is ran off a generator or has huge battery UPS to hold things until the back up generators spin up. Course the cost to change the oil in these and other facilty nit noid stuff costs millions for just one building. All this assumes the lights are on way far away... In just 5 months I am going off the grid. Nearest power lines several miles away, the Pacific a 20 minute walk downhill. Generator for charging the batteries and satellite for IE and skype on my so 2000s laptop. If the lights go out, no biggie. I just will read a book by the wood stove after cooking freash seafood over wood for dinner. If the world ends, I wont care and might not even know for a week or so. I think I am high enough MSL that a 300 foot wave would just miss me. And I have enough beans and bullets to hold out years. Plan B is to move to the other side of the Pacific where the concept of power and running water is just that, a concept.
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  • power
    Loss of power in DC? Unlikely. Seems there's plenty to go around.
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  • Widespread loss of power
    Retired Librarian
    This is a question that would come up in JCAHO accreditation visits in the various hospitals I worked in (Federal and otherwise). As a librarian, the answer was simple -- that was what our collection of books and medical journals would provide. In everyone's haste to jettison all paper-based information (books, records, manuals, etc), we place an awful lot of faith in technology that needs electricity to be used. But at least in the hospital library with a book and journal collection, you could operate off the grid for quite a while (as long as you have a flashlight, pen and paper).
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  • Plan B should encompass Plan C
    Lisa Lisa
    Plan B's are always great. I live by that idea. But the tentacles of communication are so intertwined into our lives, that a Plan C should be in place when Plan B is activated. Plan B should get you to work and then detail a Plan C. Depending the widespread magnitude, Plan C should involve the idea of no modern technology, perhaps no permanent power, mission capabilities and impacts, etc. I mean lets face it, if gas stations are affected, most will only be able to make 1 trip in to work and thats only if you are good enough to always keep your car at half tank. Hopefully other basic infrastructures are working on Plan C as well since we need those things (fuel, electric, food and water) to survive. Of course Plan D could involve horse travel-and in that case, we would simply make a contract with the Amish until Metro becomes available.
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