6:21 pm, May 27, 2015

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  • In Other Words,
    any transaction over $20.00 per week. Gee, most of us spend that on a dinner. Let's get real and set an example: Show leadership by imposing a higher standard for all politicians and political appointees, let's say any transaction that is above $250.00, annually
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  • Yep, way too much
    I agree on oversight and reporting for elected officials. But to have the general public access this personal information of non-elected civil servants? Makes no sense.
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  • It gets worse
    Boo Hoo
    Not only is the information on the SES disclosed, it's the information on the entire family. Kid's accounts, college funds, etc. It's an invasion of privacy for the entire family.
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  • you think ...
    ...the quality of SES is a bit spotty now. Look again in 3 years when this sort of nonsense sets in and the private sector bounces back. They'll be lucky to find chimps to fill SES positions.
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