1:59 am, May 23, 2015

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  • Kuwait is a SLAVE State
    deployed decoy
    The truth hurts. Three BDEs that left Iraq, stopped in Kuwait most of a year ago. They are sitting in a desert camp, that is more miserable then the ones they left in Iraq. The costs in this story, I hazard to guess only about 40% the true and total costs with this move. Then Kuwait and Saudi, said oil production countries in this story. Are Tier-3 TIP violators as defined by the USA State Dept. It is a US federal law violation for the USA to sell these people water or import oil for that matter. Except the sitting President signed a waiver in Sept 2011 supporting the human slave trade in exchange for oil.
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  • Forgot to note
    deployed decoy
    Kuwait used USA provided military hardware to supress the Arab Spring here last year. You never heard about it. The uprising lasted less than a day before Kuwait crushed it. Only BBC radio bothered to carry any story about it. The American media you know would never report such things. Nor would the people that provide force protection information to all of us in Kuwait. I only know of it, becasue I made a wrong turn and ended up in the middle of it that day.
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