8:10 am, May 27, 2015

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  • I Didn't Hear...
    the Defense industry complaining when they were bringing in big bucks. Hey, get the law changed, after all, it is just the taxpayer that is giving you money.
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  • DoD supposed to compensate for corporate greed?
    Honest Broker
    Many US companies have become too dependent on DoD instead of transitioning back to competitive commercial business ventures with creation of American jobs and knowledge as mandatory goals. We have serious issues with out of balance trade, outsourcing of jobs, huge illegal workforce, and knowledge transference to our competitors like China and India. For short term profit, US company executives outsourced and now average Americans are paying the price while these profiteers have cashed in and enjoying their capital gains with little to no taxes coming out of them. Now to compound the problem, US Supreme Court has decided that Corporations run by individuals can spend whatever they want on elections and lobbying through Super Pacs. Over the last couple of decades, our DoD contractors have managed to change the system from fixed price solutions to cost plus fixed fee labor charges and best effort. This change has resulted in bloated project budgets with no real deliverable products because profit is tied to labor hours charged instead of a product. In order to get these sweet deals, contractors have resorted to offering 6 figure retirement jobs to DoD military and civilian leaders. Isn’t the definition of a bribe that you get something for your influencing a decision including supervision over the personnel involved with the procurement decision. I'm a communications specialist and built an equivalent system by using small businesses and fixed pricing. I was impressed they were able to create it for 5x to 10x cheaper plus the size, weight and power specifications that exceed the big DoD prime contractor built systems. Small manufacturing businesses do not have the extra bills like the huge bribery trail and massive labor hours needed to make a profit of a DoD prime contractor. Unfortunately, DoD is going with the more expensive DoD prime contractor system because the program office leadership needs their retirement jobs. I would love to see sequestration force the system to only fixed price and 5-year moratorium on GS-10+ or O-5+ personnel from working for any DoD contract in any way, shape or form. They already get a great retirment check, but they have high cost life styles to support. Since politicians love the media coverage, I think this sequestration threat will just be a big show until the election is over and then it will get ugly. With no elections for 2 years, the Government employees are the most defenseless group so they will be the first to be cut and the DoD contract companies will be allowed to reduce pay to their employees. Small businesses will be ostracized from the system except for a token few. Those Super Pac IOUs need to be paid back, so why not take it from the average American worker so stand by for the cuts next year.
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