6:11 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Moon Landings
    deployed decoy
    Well, the moon landings were real, but they failed to disprove the flat earth theory or for that matter prove if time exists at all. Much of the technology developed however, was kept secret for years. They are just now getting around to releasing freeze dried water (used to make Tang and wash down Bayer Aspirin on the Apollo missions) to commercial off the shelf programs. I do believe they (we dont know who 'they' are and never will) killed all the scientists that developed the water powder, since they derived this science off the Inca calendar. I work (well the word work is loosely used, since all work is contracted out and it would be a violation of the FAR if I did any such work) on Fridays. All the important G-people over at my higher HQs 'work' Sun-Thru. You know, they respect the local religion and get the holy day, Friday, off and as such get a couple extra hours pay a week to nap with their eyes open all day Sunday. Since not a sole is at work on a Sunday in the war zone, that is on our side.
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  • Freeze Dried Water
    I thought the moon landings proved the moon wasn't made of cheese? Can I assume the Freeze dried water is reconsentrated using water?
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  • Waterworks
    deployed decoy
    We save a billion in logistics. The vender sends the plastic water bottles over to the ME accordion compressed. All a person has to do is. Blow real hard into the mouth of the bottle to expand it back to full shape. Sprinkle in a little water powder. Go in the bathroom and fill it up from the sink or any other fluid source. I tend to lean towards a 2004 Chianti, Tang is so dry this way.
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  • Friday is full on day
    Lisa Lisa
    Today is Friday. No golfing, no leaving work early (which is only done with vacation leave BTW). I start at 6AM and out by 230 only to be faced with early rush hour. As for work. Its the one day to catch up on all the crap piled on my from my boss. Its the day I use to organize projects, get wheels in motion for the following week and work on the smaller stuff I deferred during the week due to larger projects. Our office sounds like a morgue and it is practically. People are there but no one speaks. I used to bring in homemade guacamole during the summer on Fridays or bring in some sort of soup and my slow cooker during Friday winter days but you know, there is just some sort of sour in the air at work. Its one of those things that I did to bring us together-hangout over lunch and just have a little fun and socialize over lunch but after a few years of that, I realized that it didnt do squat-people just helped themselves and went back to the cube or office and shut the door. So Fridays feel like Mondays at work. Work piles up because I am doing the work of not only what I was hired to do, but also picked up 2 peoples work that left that management will not replace. I dont mind the work really except that its just a miserable place to be-no one smiles, everyone cuts themselves off. I would love to leave early on Fridays but no way could I face a Monday pile up. Taking a vacation only to come back to a backlog of stuff is a dread let alone leaving early on Fridays.
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  • What I did in the forest on my federal summer vacation
    William K.
    I, too, believe the moon landings were faked, by Federal employees who took on alternating Fridays in July and August to polish off a cold case of frosted Causey Gibberish before hiking into the forst of forgetfulness only to re-emerge at Election Time as a prop in the stump speech of one or both major candidates seeking votes. Death by Gibberish might be preferable.....
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  • Summer Fridays are no Different than Winter Mondays
    Most of the Feds that I work with are ethical and adhere to their tour of duty. I am tired of the Fed bashing and the never ending tirade of proposals to reduce our pay and benefits. I am tired of hearing that Feds are overpaid. The President of the United States makes $400,000. He has 2 million employees. What do CEO's with only a fraction of that number of employees make in the private sector? If Congress is serious about cutting "waste", the $763,029 cap on contractor executive salaries needs to be severely lowered to the same amount as that of such contractor's federal counterpart. That will not happen because it would negatively affect the congressional re-election coffers. Congress should be assessing the necessity of the plethora of government programs. Programs that are not necessary should be axed, and the employees reassigned to other positions with the same grade and pay. However, this will not happen because each agency's executives would be charged with finding the waste. They look after number 1 (themselves). As far as the salaries of "rank and file" employees--such as me--do not try to tell me that I am overpaid. I have a college education and work as an accountant. I have 25 years of experience and am at the top GS level allowed for my profession. I see what my private sector counterparts make and it is significantly more than what I make. I am 8 years away from retirement and my plan is to retire the day I become eligible. I have been investing and saving for my retirement based upon the benefits I was promised when hired. Now Congress wants to make me pay more for a smaller pension. Most members of Congress are wealthy, and perhaps they have forgotten what it is like to struggle from pay check to pay check (or they have never had the pleasure of such an experience). While I am at it, I think I will throw something else into this reply. I am disgusted how our government executives pander to the private sector. These execs know that as soon as they leave government service, they will have a job in the private sector at 3 - 4 times their current pay. I have seen this first hand, and it is sickening. PS - Happy Friday!!!
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  • $400K CEO?
    With a fleet of limos and aircraft, and an endless cycle of copters from Andrews. Start asking how politicians go to DC with nothing and leave (if they ever really leave) as millionaires on SES type salaries. How many govt employees leave as millionaires?
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  • Friday
    About to leave for work. Since most of my management chain is out it will be a day without meetings.
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