3:02 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Once again, I find budget savings..
    "Different states have different systems and different capacities for reporting," Budetti said." Does it take a law to make ALL states use the same system as the FED so everybody will be onboard?? Billions can be saved just by getting everybody using the same thing! That's half the problem with the government, it cost 500 bucks for a hammer cause the governments has to have 1000 different types!
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  • Are you seriously
    blaming the government for this PRIVATE SECTOR fraud upon the government? Sorry, man, you have it exactly backwards. Medicare/Medicaid fraud is PRIVATE SECTOR CRIME. Try thinking.
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  • Medicaid
    Time Bandit
    Finding overpayments is one thing, what should have been done is go after those who are getting Medicaid and shouldn't be. It the same as Social Security, people getting it when they shouldn't be. The whole system needs to be overhauled, I bet if the gov't tightened the belt with stricter rules....they would see more money in their till.
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  • Oh, but it's OK!
    Mike McMike
    It's stimulus! Right? Inefficiency is grand! We just have to keep borrowing and spending, . . . until the Chines and Mexicans "come home."
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