8:25 pm, May 28, 2015

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  • Proposal Protesting
    Filing a protest is usually a difficult decision for the contractor and a very intensive process for the Government Agency. A innovative solution to help reduce the number of protests is offered by Green Proposals - Pre-proposal conferences via webinar. The service is available at no cost to the buying entity, the entire meeting, including questions submitted via chat, is recorded, audio and video and it's distributed to all webinar registrants. There are many other benefits such as efficiency, no travel costs, no time away from the office and equality for all to name a few. But specifically on the topic of protests, transparency is addressed and a level that's been overlooked in the past. Allow contractors see exactly who is attending the meeting during the meeting. No one needs to take notes since everything is recorded. Attendance is made easy for all. The electronic sign in sheet is completely legible and Green Proposals offers the ability to "lock the meeting doors" at a pre-determined time to prevent someone from entering a mandatory meeting 1/2 through and getting full credit for participating. That could certainly be grounds for a protest.
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