4:24 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Gross comparisons arn't real
    Phil A.
    There was a study that showed at the lower grades, feds were paid more. for educated scientist, engineers, medical professional, feds are underpaid. OPM need to take into acct education, occupation and pay accordingly. YOu can't lump sum everyone togather.
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  • true, but
    you cant pay the lower grades min. wage since the requirements for a government job is tougher than Burger King. Want fries with that?
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  • Feds are WAY Overpaid
    Anyone who says otherwise is a FED and is completely out of touch with the real world. I looked up some of the salaries of some people that are in our daycare - a daycare which they get at 30% reduced cost than me. These are people in their mid 30s with jobs such as IT Engineer, and Administration Staff. they were all making at least 125k, and the IT people were making 135k! There were a couple making above 150k, one a Economist ( LOL ), and the other a manager. None of them were older than 45 years old. This is ridiculous compensation for someone who gets to retire at 2/3 their salary, and who never has to fear being laid off. Our IT guy at our office is 35, and we pay him 75k, not 135k. I guarantee he is as qualified than any IT worker in the Federal government.
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  • Delusional  (Flagged as Abuse)
    Lisa Lisa
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  • Insults
    The clearest way to show you are wrong in an argument is to only offer insults in return. Lets see the beef "Lisa Lisa", ok? What exactly are you referring to? My guess is, NOTHING, because everything I wrote is true, you just feel insulted because you are one of these obscenely overpaid workers.
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  • what???
    Who gets to retire at 2/3 their salary? that would imply that they worked for 66 yrs...and if they started at 18, that means they retire at the age of 84 yrs old.
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  • overpaid?? really
    i think you have your facts wrong, as I work with computer scientists with masters degrees that don't make six figures. The salaries you are quoting are executive salaries. Everyone hired after 1980 is under anew pension plan with 1% per year pension. Someone with a 30 year career could hope for a 30% of their highest annual salary, A computer science college graduate i know, just started a job with private industry making much more (20%) than he could starting with the government, plus he gets allowances for phone, received a free laptop, gym membership and a raise in six months.
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  • Pay Comparisons
    My bro is an auditor. He worked for big three accounting firms and to cut back on his travel and to spend more time with his daughter he took job as an auditor as a Fed in IG shop. He took a $35K cut in pay, lost his unlimited sick leave, end of the year bonus, paid holiday party, and now has to pay a portion of his health insurance. He didnt with PWC and D&L. He is a GS14 and had to learn you pay $20 for the holiday aprty so you can leave early and although you can fire a non performing Fed you do ahve to jump thorugh all the hoops.
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  • Gross Comparisons v Competition
    Talk, talk, talk, with one political agenda following another. If the powers that be really wanted to get to the fair market value of government labor, they would take into account competitively bid wages - with benefits - and allow public-private competition to determine wages on a site-by-site and on a functional basis. No think tank has ever attempted this and the Senate continues to prevent full and open competition in an effort to protect federal employees over private employees. Only in government.
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  • Federal Pay Debate
    B H.
    Just a few points here; If you work in private industry there are many perks you do not get being a fed. In most cases the pay is much better, I have seen people from private industry become feds in the area I work in and they had to bring them in at the 14 step 10 level just to match their private sector salary and I make No where near that being a fed of 27 years. Then private get stock options, huge bonuses, parties and travel paid for, paid time off, health benefits plus 401K's and a pension plus social security. Feds with FERS get a 1% pension,a diet cola when you reach 62, social security a TSP which is like a 401K, health benefits we contribute to and paid time off.Sounds to me that the private industry folks make out much better. In talking with relatives I told them I had to pay to go to a picnic or holiday party and they thought I was nuts, they have NEVER had to pay to attend an event such as this...So Please stop making Federal Employees your Scape Goat we are just middle class people trying to pay our bills on time and a 2 year pay freeze is not helping.
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  • Who Knows
    deployed decoy
    I turned down a much better paying private job in 1984 to become a GS7. The selling point to me back then, 4 weeks off as a fed, Vs 1 week for the next 5 years making $12k more in tax heck California. The real problem comparing feds to commercial is the outsourcing of America and public outrage that has gone on the last 10 years or so. I would be storming my elected officials as a civilian if my job had been off shored to Bob in India (who will work for $3 an hour) and then the company offered me to stay on, working more hours for less pay and on BTW no more health care or retirement. It is really hard to compare a design engineer with the Govt to one at Micron. Since Micro will fire you on the spot a month before 1 quarter million in stock options vest, for nothing more that purchasing a coffee shop and keeping the former owner on as the resident manager. I do offer one side by side. Look at the total contract price for the same work in the same location. Note I said contract price, not the low ball salary the person actually earns. Make sure to factor in any contract modification that would be required for the private person to be told to do anything out of scope or that could remotely be called personal services. Or we look to Germany where a federal judge, retired school teacher, German federal Govt employee with a PHD and immigrant bratwurst cart pusher, all live in the same Row houses because in the end they all have about the same disposable income due to labor laws and tax rates. Bottom line the private world is defined by greed and stock values.
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  • Difficult to define accurately
    The issue is it is difficult to compare these accurately. Couple Key points, since benefits have changed alot in recent years in the private sector: Private: 401k (% match varies), stock options (sometimes), paid time off (amount varies; can be combined vacation and sick or can be separate), NO PENSION (most companies do not offer pensions anymore; some employees grandfathered, but new ones don't get it). Government: TSP (same as 401k, consistent % match), NO stock options (obviously, lol), paid time off (vacation and sick), Pension (CSRS or FERS; cost you pay for it varies based on when you entered the feds). Here's the real bottom line. You can't compare benefits. They are TOO varied. And, the choice of private sector or fed based on benefits is a misnomer. In the private sector you'd be choosing company A vs company B based on benefits as well, because different companies are drastically different based on time off, matching %'s, etc. The REAL difference, and you can't put a dollar value on it, is job security. You do have, in general, a LOT more job security in the feds than in private sector. But it's hard to determine a hard dollar value. Generally, you accept that increase in job security for a decrease in salary (for like jobs). I know I did when I switched from contractor to fed. And, most contractors that work for me, even those with associates degrees fresh out of school, make as much or more than me. So, YES, for like jobs, private sector tends to make more. It's the classical "risk and return". Private sector = More risk, more salary. Government = less risk, less salary. But, there are, as discussed, intangible benefits that are hard to compare. Last, yes, if you compare across education levels there can be an imbalance. For example, I know a 2210 (IT specialist) GS-15, making a TON of money, with only a high school diploma. How? Because 2210 job series doesn't require a degree. Could he do that in private sector? Probably not! But, is his job way different than someone at burger king? Yes! Should you be able to be a GS-15 without a degree? Hmm... Many other government job series DO require a degree, so this question doesn't even make sense. So, A) You CAN'T use benefits to compare. It's not fair. Benefits are TOO varied in private sector. You just accept that benefits between companies are different, just as they are between private and gov. It's a decision factor, but can't be a fair part of the comparison analysis. B) The salary-to-salary comparison SHOULD BE stratified based on education. Averaging it out isn't a fair comparison. So, do comparisons at education levels: high school, bachelor's degree, master's degree, doctorate, etc. But, as pointed out above, even that isn't necessarily the whole story. I would say, one thing is sure, Federal Employees make up a SMALL percentage of the United States MIDDLE CLASS, and should NOT be expected to keep bearing the brunt of a struggling economy for the whole US population (aka Pay Freeze on federal workers to pay for a tax cut for EVERYONE). Stop making us the bad guys!!! Get over the pay freeze idea! If you want to save money, cut irrelevant, redundant, and "good ole boy" programs that are bleeding money every day.
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