1:01 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • GSA Killing Small Businesses
    Via Obama's blessings and initiative GSA is incrementally shutting down all competition & destroying small businesses via each schedule a total of $70 Billion Dollars which will cost tax payers additional billions. This program is called Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative or FSSI. GSA is eliminating Competition via this FSSI Program. The first to feel this FSSI rath has been GSA Schedule 75 which has shut down all competition via this socialistic FSSI program. This schedule is for office supplies (Schedule 75). From a selection of 600 Schedule 75 GSA Contractors, orders are given to only 15 companies, including 2 “big box” retailers, namely Staples and Office Depot, both which have been fined by GSA for fraudulent procurement practices. Office Depot & Staples are currently obtaining 65% of all GSA Schedule 75 Sales. GSA Schedules 70, 36, 67 are the next victims for eliminating free competition, destoying 1000’s of small businesses and 100,000s of jobs. Hence small business vendors are being kicked out of GSA. There are ongoing SBA and congressional hearings going on http://smbiz.house.gov/UploadedFiles/Tucker_Testimony.pdf Rep. Mick Mulvaney, R-S.C last week read http://www.govexec.com/contracting/2012/06/small-businesses-may-get-left-out-gsa-procurement-modernization-lawmakers-fear/56181/ And many more hearings have been held This is the irony. Obama supported The 2010 Small Business Jobs Act giving small businesses a chance to fairly and equally compete for government business. Obama then in 2010 gave the go ahead for GSA to eliminate free competition via the above Federal Strategic Sourcing Initiative. Schedule 75 was the first victim to lose free competition and all other GSA Schedules a total of $70 Billion are next. Keep in mind GSA is the largest and sometimes only way for small businesses to sell to the government. GSA claims by using this socialistic procurement method they will save billions of dollars. They claim GSA employees are overworked and cannot keep up with numerous vendors, auditing and price control, hence eliminating free competition is GSA’s answer. GSA is full of crap & they currently have the ability to audit and control prices GSA and DoD both currently utilize very sophisticated web sites for buyers to use which currently have very sophisticated audit and price control abilities I will prove it : 1) go to gsaadvantage.gov 2) In the search box put in : Q5950A Remanufactured Toner & Click the Go Button 3) Now you will see the Sort By Most Relevant Drop Down Box, Hence select Price - Low to High 4) Then you will notice all the different companies that offer this item hence to drill down if they are a small business, woman owned, 8A, veteran owned ect then click the very top description line that is underlined for given company, hence you will go into another page, hence go to the bottom of that page and see Socio, hence that tells you if it is a small business, vet owned, ect. 5) If they have questions go to mid part of page you will see : $Price EA sold and shipped by abc Company, LLC Hence click the company name for their phone #, address, email address, phone #, and fax # 6) Also you will notice via gsaadvantage.gov there are symbols for environmental friendly products, Ability One, ect. Everything you need is here 7) DoD EMALL is exactly the same but you need a secure token to enter web site. Only vendors and buyers have a security token. 8) ALL GOVERNMENT BUYERS ARE TRAINED HOW TO NAVIGATE THESE SITES. These are my thoughts Why is GSA slapping competition in the face. Instead they should be slapping buyers hands if they make uneccesary and dumb over cost purchases. What is required is a very strict government buyer purchase program with very strict disciplinary action if purchases are made outside of given web sites allowing free and open competition within these web sites. Also, disciplinary action would occur if the government buyer does not buy the best quality & lowest priced item(s) per SBA small business requirements, goals, regulations, laws & rules I know it is not Congress Job to Micro Manage With that said I wanted to add this very vital additional information for Congressional general understanding A software company should definitely give testimony to Congress on how GSA & DoD can wisely use their vast amounts of computerized GSA/DoD information & data. No need to reinvent the wheel. Via creating various programs both GSA & DoD can both save much more money than using the FSSI Schedule 75 BPA which is a 20th century old fashion approach. This can be done without additional funding. If our nation goes to war of course the military dedicates its main resources to that cause. GSA & DoD can prioritize this software project via existing employed Software Engineers with no additional funds. It takes the will and priority to make this happen. Case and point look at amazon.com. If they can handle 1,000,000s of orders via 100,000s of vendors then GSA with their existing data should be able to do the same. I know the government is not a company but GSA has incredible amounts of data and very smart software engineers. Via new created programs they can easily identify buyers overspending and notify given superiors and agencies. A big problem I have noticed via EBUY many government buyers are purchasing OEM & New items when they are mandated & required to purchase recycled items. We can go on and on but GSA & DoD has more than enough data to really control budgets and cost via the buyer. They can also create programs to control vendor issues currently being done via GSA & DoD employees hence automating given tasks humans are currently performing. Obama has it wrong – Socialism is not needed
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