4:37 am, May 26, 2015

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  • buy it all, borrow more
    deployed decoy
    I would hazard to guess the USA spends more in a week defending the oil supply of the EU, then the collective Euro based countries spend in a year. Then add up the IOUs to the UN and NATO the USA is on the hook for and realize why Socialism will never work in the USA... Because the USA pays for the EU to enjoy 6 months paid maternity leave, even if the lady (or man) is a waitress in a bar... Just one fact to ponder. In 2001 Italy had a E1 (2Mbs) pipe from Kosovo to Italy. The USA was providing 10 times that satellite bandwidth, just for military to make calls and emails home, not a bit was used for work and that was before Facebook. No amount of how to better spend $500B is going to make anyone happy. It could all be spent on Federal unemployment, welfare or simply paying a fraction of the Debt the treasury owes the Social Security trust fund. But, $500B will be spent (wisely or not), because votes depend on it.
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  • Mike's wisdom
    Mike has said that if you think the military has such a good deal, then go ahead and join the military. Didn't Eisenhower see all this coming?
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  • And now a word from our sponsors.......
    Big Joe
    Wow! Nothing about a new lawmaker that could come after one of our benefits that could take money out of our pockets?!? This day is starting out strange......
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  • Actually, the news is that...
    FERS Fed
    ...House lawmakers aren't taking money out of THEIR pockets.................................................... GOP Measure Protects Lawmakers' Office Budgets -- WASHINGTON (AP) - Members of the House of Representatives voted Friday to protect their own office expense accounts from budget cuts. The bipartisan 307-102 vote came on a $3.3 billion measure funding congressional operations. Republicans controlling the House have been trying to cut domestic agency budgets by about 5 percent. But when it came to their own staff, travel and office expenses, GOP leaders opted to freeze their $574 million budget after two years of cuts. After passing the measure, lawmakers immediately left Washington for a weeklong vacation. http://www.federalnewsradio.com/316/2868658/House-votes-to-protect-own-office-budgets-
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  • dang tea-partiers
    The only lawmakers serious about cutting spending, including congressional travel and office spending, are those nasty, radical, right-wing tea partiers. How dare they!
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  • Except they didn't...
    FERS Fed
    ...at least, not theirs. More right-wing conservative hypocrisy?
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  • Get real Rob
    Great answer FERS Fed. Rob always makes excuses for his radical rightist friends no matter how ridiculous they are.
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  • Just Maybe
    deployed decoy
    They wont come back. You know how scary it is going to be to fly commercial when the NWS has to furlough the crews since they are about out of money. No weather warnings or NOTAM issued. Whack goes the Congressman when that commercial flight goes from 600 to 0 instantly in a wind shear into a big chunk of the earth. The perfect time to start telecommuting to the Capitol using a low bid contracted North Korean VTC circuit.
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