7:54 am, May 27, 2015

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  • This is just a glimpse of.....
    FERS Fed
    ...things to come for ALL federal agencies under conservatives 'the less government, the better' vision. I wonder who they'll blame when their communities get slammed by extreme weather events without warning.
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  • Really?
    Big Joe
    Not that I'm sticking up for the Conservatives, but this is happening under a Democratic President. If this is happening to one Agency now, it could happen to any and all Agencies now. Only difference after November is that it could happen to one Agency or could happen to all. Its time Feds realize there is NO DIFFERENCE between the Democrats and Republicans. THEY ARE THE SAME!!
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  • Yes, really
    FERS Fed
    It may be happening under a Democrat President, but if you re-read the article, you'll note that the situation is the result of several years of budget mismanagement by the agency itself. I'll agree there isn't much difference between the political parties, but then my original post didn't mention a political party. It's a comment on q
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  • To finish that thought...
    FERS Fed
    ...It's a comment on the question of the role of government in American's everyday lives. For example, if you think that having fewer NWS personnel on duty to warn of extreme weather events, which may happen due to this budget shortfall, then by all means, vote more conservatives into office to gut federal functions. Just don't complain about it when an F5 tornado wipes out part of Kansas without warning.
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  • also hurricanes.
    An F5 tornado is bad enough, but the timing of these furloughs takes us through the peak of the hurricane season.
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  • Everybody wants a smaller
    Federal Government....until it impacts something they rely on.
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  • Oh boo hoo
    Whaaa whhaaa whhaaa. I am wiling to risk the tornado in kansas to save the backs of the taxpayers. Who is the union saving the poor NOAA employees from? The taxpayers? Wh doesn't the union is pay the wages of the poor potentially furloughed workers. I'm sure the union boss has enough cash in his mattress.
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  • "I am wiling to risk the tornado in kansas..."?
    FERS Fed
    I bet you don't live, or have any family, in Tornado Alley, do you? And anyone who does, well that's just their hard luck, right? Sound like a Tea Partier.
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  • Are You Willing
    deployed decoy
    Are you willing to risk your grandma, spouse, kids to a fiery and painful death. When the commercial aircraft they are on slams into the ground due to wind shear on final. Are you willing to have fire fighters pulled off the CO and NM fires and watch cities burn because no NWS fire weather (Red Flag Warnings) can be produced. I could go on and on. The fact remains the NWS is a product of mismanagement and now the workers will pay the price, while congress vacations. With just a little luck a few of them will slam in the ground with the kids on vacation. Since they all only react, instead of being proactive in the countries best interest.
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