6:54 pm, May 29, 2015

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  • Do Agencies actually care about survey results?
    Lisa Lisa
    I just dont see agencies really giving the survey results any merit. At all. Unless, the results that show those agencies that are found to have bad morale, lack of training, no AWS, no teleworking, etc. and that it is publicized and specifically names said agencies. What those agencies fear is exposure..not how "concerned" they are about their employees, morale,etc. Those agencies fear exposure and then they have to go before some other powers that be, to explain why they are amongst the worst places to work in the government and then be forced to make changes. People know the difference between genuine and fake. And there is a lot of fakeness in DC. There is also a plethora of being ingenuine. There could also be a negative affect of this survey: retaliation. Perhaps not so much from the agencies such as GSA, OPM, etc. but those agencies that are typically under the radar.
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  • OPM survey to "help" agencies to reach tough budget calls
    This is ludicrous in the extreme. As an agency that has itself gone through an extended series of serious management faux pas (think USAJOBS 3.0, the retirement application processing fiasco, the botched RETIRE-EZ project, etc.), the idea that OPM - OPM! - could do much of anything to provide substantive help to other agencies facing management challenges seems akin to the forlorn hope of receiving effective management advice by watching a slapstick vaudeville comedy routine. Mr. Berry seems not to understand fully that he has a festering management problem of his own, even as he admits that his senior career managers are evidently not up to their jobs. In describing OPM's inept at best response to the flawed launch of the troubled USAJOBS 3.0 platform, for instance, he makes the damning statement that "Our senior folks didn't know how to address this kind of crisis," and it supposedly took younger (and, of course, diverse, that indispensable PC mantra at present) employees to shoulder aside unceremoniously their feckless, clueless (and presumably non-diverse?) "leaders" and come up with fixes on their own. The old maxim: "Physician, heal thyself" would appear to apply here to OPM in spades. There is a lesson in humility here to be learned by Mr. Berry, if he will but do so.
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