1:58 pm, May 25, 2015

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    deployed decoy
    Three, the number of fully armed combat brigades that 'left' Iraq, and now sit in the desert of Kuwait. Millions, the number in dollars spent on just contractor overtime in Kuwait, polishing up war hardware to send back to Iraq. Not known, if that stuff went to the Iraq Govt, US State Dept or stockpiled for US troops to fall in on when we go back. Thousands, The number of contracted security force people, like Xe to protect those State Dept people in Iraq. Billions, the amount in dollars annually to feed the troops hiding in Kuwait, fund the contractors in both Kuwait and Iraq. More Billions of dollars, to fund LOGCAP, very likely the most poorly managed contract of all time... Heck the prime vender a few years ago was accused of stealing fuel in the Balkans from the USA, but was running all the fuel from Kuwait north. And, as a matter of condition of employment, required US (non)taxpaying employees to hold foreign bank accounts so the USA IRS never received a cent...
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