1:38 pm, May 24, 2015

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  • Interim Pension
    I retired 12/31. I'm on an interim pension that is 36% of the estimate my agency gave me. I e-mailed OPM questioning why my interim pension is so low. It is verrrrry difficult to reach OPM on the phone. After 28 business days, their response to me on April 17 said: "Your case is currently assigned to another group within the Office of Personnel Management. We are forwarding your e-mail to that section to be associated with your file so a response can be made." Of course, no other response has been made. I had 35 years of service, all in one agency, all full-time, with no breaks in service. It's hard to fathom their reason for setting my interim pension so low. My neighbor thinks it's because Uncle Sam can't find the money to pay me.
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  • Seinfeld episode
    Do you remember the episode where Elaine tried to find out what was in her medical records? She had problems like you!!
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