2:00 am, May 27, 2015

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  • Brazil-the Movie
    It's becoming real life. But the end of Mike's article is where I caught the root cause of the problem, which was a divorce. Certainly not OPM's fault for that one.
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  • Unreasonable Delay
    I do not have a divorce issue. Isn't there a court order dividing the pension? Why should that take so much time to get? It still should not take extensive time to get it right-----Someone else wrote that the government should have to pay interest after a period of time if it does not have it right. It will not happen, but one can dream.
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  • I am a Whatever
    deployed decoy
    Besides the added self security of having 500 rounds of 30.06, 180 grain bullets at the ready, a couple 100 pound bags of pintos in a cool dark place and enough gold to buy all the gas I will ever need, even when it goes to $10 a gallon. I will say this. Over 5 years the S and P (TSP C fund tracks this) is down -9.6%. Over 5 years gold is up 251%, 10 years 530%. Soybeans are up 18% in the last 365 days and the Dollar buys 18% more Euros today than a year ago. I couldnt find a ticket for Remington or Winchester to track bullets or at least the delivery system. As for OPM and retirement, I just hope they take just as long for every member of congress that gets fired this year as they do us peasants. And instead of divorce, I think I am taking the misses to Aruba scuba diving, push come to shove.
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  • Aruba
    Is she blonde??? lol
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  • I have other concerns
    Mike from the FAA
    I've already put my paperwork in for later this year. More of a concern to me is the 45,000 postal workers who can take advantage of the byout. Add 45,000 to the usual 20,000 that go at the end of each year on top of the 49,000 that are backlogged. On the bright side this just might help the obesitiy problem in America since none of us will be able to eat any more. Nothing like being rewarded for our service!
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  • Feds as Preppers
    Tracie S.
    I'll bet the bell ringers from 15 years ago who were shouting "the baby boomers are getting old" and made everyone do a mad scramble to cross-train were from OPM and did their own paperwork-- processed in record time.
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  • just when you think you covered all the bases....
    I retired on 4/30 under FERS, at least my paperwork said so. I was told I would receive my lump sum annual leave payment the 3rd week of May and my first annuity check the first week of June. When I received a letter from NFC a few weeks later, I noticed my separation date was listed as 5/1/2012. I called my HR office and was told it should be 4/30. I am now 5 weeks into "retirement". I have received NO lump sum or annuity check. Everything is held up because of this mistake and I can't even blame OPM for this. What a start to my retirement.
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