1:49 pm, May 25, 2015

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  • Training of requiring activities
    Army KO
    The author states that one result of “wasted funds” is poor planning. The reality is that it is very difficult for units to determine their requirements early enough for the contracting activity and industry to provide a successful and affordable solution. For example, consider a unit that is “in the fight” and fails to anticipate the need for replacement HVAC units for their offices and living areas. By the time the realization is made, temperatures are quickly rising and every other unit in country is having a simultaneous realization. Aside from the time it takes contracting to put the requirement on contract, there is also the vendor lead time to fulfill the orders. When the order is finally delivered, the temperature is beginning to cool. On the other hand, had the unit anticipated the requirement in late winter, any request to purchase the items would have possibly been denied as not being an immediate need. It is imperative that commanders and staffs, along with resource managers, receive education on the contracting process and recognize the need to accurately predict future requirements early enough to allow the items/services to be put on contract and delivered/performed on time. DoD must take note that no matter the level of preparation provided to its contracting officers, all contracts begin with a well-defined requirement presented to contracting with sufficient time allocated for the acquisition process. Sufficient planning will afford the contracting officer the opportunity to pursue an acquisition strategy that results in lower costs and proper oversight.
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