4:23 am, May 27, 2015

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  • byod
    Mr. Baker should be wary of BYOD, and keeping data of the devices. We had the same concern which is why we use Tiger text. Being in the medical industry, we are dealing with the bring your own device ( byod ) issue from an HIPAA stand point, and how it applied to hospitals who are dealing with doctors and nurses who are texting patient information and files. I think this is also a big issue for any business, your workers BYOD devices not only get hacked, but they are frequently lost or stolen, and much of the emails and texts are on the phone! iPads are a real problem, since doctors like viewing patient data, files and images on them, and iMessage is not HIPAA compliant, just like email. While the large enterprise solutions having a deeply integrates system where the IT department takes control of the device or provides workers with devices, in a hospital and business setting I am hearing that this can be an issue or barrier to these kinds of systems. Looking around, we did find a way to at least protect text messaging and protect the hospital from lawsuits concerning HIPAA issues related with BYOD by using Tigertext ( www.tigertext.com ); which while not as integrated as the large enterprise solutions, offers some really good benefits, especially cost and device flexibility. IT managers, but also employees are really going to have to be aware of all the different solutions available for BYOD and security - especially iPADs. Resources: http://byod.us/ http://www.hhs.gov/ocr/privacy/hipaa/administrative/securityrule/index.html http://www.tigertext.com
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