6:35 am, May 26, 2015

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  • GSA
    john d.
    They need to cleas house,top to bottom. Also I see no reason why they should EVER get a bonus. Do your job, earn your pay check and go home. Quit giving my tax $$ to people that abuse the system.
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  • What about the guys
    that produced the vaccine to prevent cervical cancer? No bonus for them either? Man, you are tough.
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  • What a concerned Dem???
    My my a fiscally responsible Dem.... And where has she been hiding for the last 6+ years?? I wonder if the AG is gonna go after her for her misbehavior??
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  • I have been ripped off for years!
    Lisa Lisa
    I am taking this to my boss and tell him my tiny bonus of $700 for an excellent rating is at the rate of a peasant and has been for years..I've been ripped off..for years. You mean to tell me people actually receive these large bonuses in govt? The same fed govt I work for?..who has more almost 200 hrs in comp time because we are so poor they cant or wont pay OT..and that we are so understaffed some of us cant burn our comp time PLUS leave and, cant pay for training? What the heck? Why are not bonuses controlled like pay? Why is it so discretionary? Seems to me the forumula for bonus should be standard across govt. And another thing, how the heck did they go unchecked for so long? wow!
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  • EPA
    There is no "need to do away with the EPA." We need some responsible organization enforcing environmental standards, lest the "job creators" pollute our rivers, oceans, air and land with impunity.
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  • After 36 years
    as a fed, I testify that there is darn little correlation between performance and performance rating; and there is no correlation whatsoever between between performance and bonus pay. The money, until it is exhausted, goes to those at the top of the hierarchy, and ignores the actual mechanism of productivity. I demand a thorough investigation of the bonus pay system throughout the government. It will only benefit the productive employees.
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